Name: Dmytro Tiazhlov1-61f
Given name: Tiazhlov
Address: Degtyarivska
Postal code: 03057
City: Kyiv
Country: Ukraine


Telephone: +380444563302 Mobile: +380975566045
E-mail: E-mail Address

Job Data:

Function: Director Job Country: Ukraine
Maingenre: Documentary   
Other genres: Animated Film, Short film

Other facts (about me and my artistic work):

Dmytro Tiazhlov was born in 1976 in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Eastern Ukraine. He was educated at Kyiv state institute of Theatrical art and TV. Worked at Ukrainian TV as DOP for 10 years and familiar with all genres of cinema – features, puppet animation and documentaries. Deciding to shoot, direct and edit his films himself, Dmytro soon afterwards several shorts and doc TV series completes his first feature length documentary, “I am a monument to myself” (2009). Tiazhlov’s aesthetic falls squarely in the "direct cinema" tradition of documentary filmmaking, which emphasizes continued filming, as unobtrusively as possible, of human conversation and the routines of everyday life, with no music,no voice-over narration, and no overt attempt to interpret or explain the events unfolding before the camera. At present he’s the Master of the DOP course, at Kyiv state university of cinema and TV. He’s writing work on theory of shooting documentary by director and cameraman in one person for a degree in art science, working on several documentary film projects.

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