Name: Rubenchik Dscf3289-0d9
Given name: Stan
Address: Hans-Berger 4
Postal code: 07747
City: Jena
Country: Azerbaijan


Mobile: +4915774474757
E-mail: E-mail Address Homepage: House

Job Data:

Function: Director Job Country: Azerbaijan
Maingenre: Short film   
Other genres:

Other facts (about me and my artistic work):

My name is Stanislav Rubenchik. I am a film director and a producer. I have worked in video production since 1995. I was born and grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan where I started my career. I am a well-known and popular independent film director in Azerbaijan. Some years ago I started cooperating with Moscow advertising production houses and agencies and at the same time with other international creative agencies such as Merilin and Sons (Australia). At the end of 2007 my family and I moved to Germany for permanent living. At present time I am working at Documentary about Hajj Pilgrims to Mecca with Caldecott Production International (Singapore).