Name: Jevtic Mihajlojevtic-16d
Given name: Mihajlo
Address: Djordja Stanojevica 11/78
Postal code: 11000
City: Belgrade
Country: Serbia


Mobile: 00 381 64 1652553
E-mail: E-mail Address Homepage: House

Job Data:

Function: Director Job Country: Serbia
Maingenre: Documentary   
Other genres: Animated Film, Short film

Other facts (about me and my artistic work):

Born in Belgrade, former Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia in 1978. Director and screenwriter of five short films. Was a student of French school for documentary directors, “Atelier Varan Paris” . Alumni of “Berlinale Talent Campus”. Teaches filmmaking at the “Belgrade Academic Film Center” . Filmography 1. “In the box” , documentary, 16 min., 2004. 2. “Alone, alone, you should never be alone” , documentary, 33 min., 2006. 3. “Milan in the kingdom of darkness ”, experimental, 2 min., 2007. 4. “Snare drum ”, fiction, 15 min., 2008. 5. “ Gagarin and me”, fiction, 8 min., 2012.