Name: Midifilm Picture-230-6d7
Given name: Midifilm
Address: 6a Shiomgvimeli str
Postal code: 0179
City: Tbilisi
Country: Georgia


Telephone: 99532 290569 Mobile: 99599 262005
E-mail: E-mail Address

Job Data:

Function: Producer Job Country: Georgia
Maingenre: Documentary   
Other genres:

Other facts (about me and my artistic work):

Production company „Midifilm“ was founded in 2008. The profile of the company is film production and development of audio-visual art. Since 2008 „Midifilm“ has participated with different projects in different forums and festivals Projects: 2012 – „Children of War“ – full-lenght documentary, in development, Tbilisi International Film Festival, Pitch-Doc 2009; 2012 – „Rudolph Kehrer“ – full-lenght documentary, in development 2012 - ``Why the war began``- screenplay development 2011 – „ I at home, you are on the way“ – full-length feature, pre-production, officially invited to Cannes International film festival 2009, pavillion Du Monde 2010 - “Lanchvalian Ariadnes”- full-length documentary, post –production (with Ateliers Varan and Arte); Baltic Sea Forum 2008;