Name: Hörcher Gabor-horcher-96f
Given name: Gábor
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary


Mobile: 0036705215705
E-mail: E-mail Address Homepage: House

Job Data:

Function: Director Job Country: Hungary
Maingenre: Documentary   
Other genres: Short film

Other facts (about me and my artistic work):

Gábor Hörcher was born in 1980 in Budapest, Hungary. He attended the University of Psychology, Law and the University of Film Studies. He was working as a waiter in London, and as a mixer and bartender in Greece. He has lived in the US, France and Cambodia, where he was teaching courses on Human Rights, Revolution and Democracy in a local university. He started to work with Marcell Iványi, director and producer early 2008. They are running KraatsFilm together to produce films and theatre performances.

Gábor Hörcher - CV (PDF 116 kb)