Name: Nedeczky Dora.nedeczky1-42c
Given name: Dora
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary


Mobile: +36 30 574 7723
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Job Data:

Function: Producer Job Country: Hungary
Maingenre: Short film   
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Other facts (about me and my artistic work):

Besides being immersed in some of the greatest scenes in cinema while getting master’s degrees in Film Criticism, Aesthetics and Cultural Management I began my film production career in Inforg Studio as a co-worker of directors such as István Szaladják, Sándor Kardos and Benedek Fliegauf. Soon after this point, I diversified, moving into guerilla and ambient advertising, initially working as account manager, then moved across into copywriting and creative consultancy to exploit my knowledge in alternative culture and media. In 2009 I moved back into film while joining Ferenc Pusztai producer firstly as assistant producer. Working next to him at his company, KMH Film on such movies as last year’s Cannes - Un Certain Regard FIPRESCI award winner Adrienn Pál, I continued complementing my background knowledge with all the strategic and most creative elements of film production, from script development through handling co-production deals till distribution. Last year I produced several short films and just finished an ‘unusual’ TV play that I also do the sales for. Currently with Ferenc I develop Orsi Nagypál’s first feature project called Balaton Submarine - which was officially selected to this year’s Berlinale Co-Production Market and to the upcoming Save Our Scripts script development workshop - and Hungarian Paris (working title) a short feature project by her – which will be my first international co-production and very first project as delegate producer. For my detailed showreel please see: