Co-Production Platform

The Co-Production Platform is a database for young German, Eastern European and Arab filmmakers. The Robert Bosch Stiftung installed this new platform with free access in addition to its annually awarded Film Prize.

Profiles of filmmakers of different functions and genres can be found on the platform. The platform allows networking all over the world – especially filmmakers living in remote areas will benefit.

Create your own profile to team up with the other users for a co-production.

To register: Click here

With the detail research you will find profiles to each genre or function.


Name Country Genre Function Mail Details
Hamada Khalil Eg EGY Short film Director Email Lupe
- - De DEU Documentary Co-Producer Email Lupe
Abdullah Meqdad Abdullah Meqdad Jo JOR Short film Producer Email Lupe
Adeeb Adeeb Hadi Iq IRQ Documentary Director Email Lupe
Pintilie Adina Ro ROU Documentary Director Email Lupe
Ahmed salah Ahmed Eg EGY Documentary Director Email Lupe
Karim Aitouna Ma MAR Documentary Producer Email Lupe
Alaa Mosbah Alaa Mosbah Eg EGY Documentary Producer Email Lupe
Weimer Alex De DEU Short film Producer Email Lupe
Abdullayeva Alina Az AZE Short film Director Email Lupe
Saba Amirejibi Ge GEO Documentary Director Email Lupe
Georgi Andreev Bg BGR Short film Camera Operator Email Lupe
Vartan Arustamov Ru RUS Short film Scriptwriter/Book Email Lupe
Eicke B. De DEU Short film Director Email Lupe
Costanza Julia Bani De DEU Short film Producer Email Lupe
Marc Bauder De DEU Documentary Producer Email Lupe
Sopo Bazgadze Ge GEO Documentary Producer Email Lupe
Darya Belkina Kz KAZ Short film Director Email Lupe
Završnik Blaž Si SVN Short film Director Email Lupe
nina blažin Si SVN Documentary Director Email Lupe